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Dynisco, USA
Pressure transducers (-sensors), pressure transmitters and temperature sensors for extruders

PT-, TPT-, MDA- and MDT- are mercury, NaK or oil filled premium class transducers and transmitters with options for special applications. TPT-, TDA- and TDT- have also temperature sensors.

Guardian Series meets Machinery Directive standard EN ISO 13849-1 without the expense and complication of redundant sensors and external relays. modules.

Vertex® is a new family of mercury free direct measuring sensors. Vertex® is more robust, much faster, and significantly friendlier to the environment than traditional sensors.

ECHO Quality, reliability and accurate performance at an affordable price, now also mercury free.

SPX Series is a smart 4-20mA pressure transmitter designed for use in hazardous locations.

DYMT is especially designed to meet the requirements of the polymer industry. DYMT is available with TC or RTD.

BP420 and BP520 burst plugs (also known as rupture disks) are designed for reliable, emergency relief of excess pressure in a system. BP520 has an output indicating a burst to the control system.

Industrial pressure transmitters

SPX228X is an all welded construction smart industrial 4-20mA pressure transmitter designed for use in hazardous locations.

Vertex® mercury free pressure sensors.
Rupture disks
BP420 rupture disks

Dynisco has a broad range of signal conditioners, indicators and cotrollers with analogue and/or digital outputs.

1480 and 1490 are Universal Pressure or Temperature Input Indicator with single or dual configurable alarms, as well as optional linear retransmission of displayed process pariable. Ideal for use in Extrusion applications.
UPR900 The UPR900 can display your choice of engineering units related to a selectable range of input types. Add an optional secondary input for an all-in-one display of polymer melt pressure and temperature. See data sheet for more options.
ATC900 is a pressure and temperature controller designed for use onextruders.
Polymer evaluation

LMI Melt Flow Indexers (MFI, Melt Index) for laboratories, ViscoSensor, ViscoIndicator  and CMR for One-Line measurement.

Maintenance and cleaning

The sensors do not need any maintenance but when dismounting sensors they and the mounting hole has to be cleaned.

PolyClean for gentle but efficient cleaning of sensors and tools.

Cleaning Tool Kit for removing excess plastic from mounting holes for pressure and temperature transducers Available for 1/2-20 UNF, M10 and M18 thread.


Dynisco has a broad range of accessories, cables, tools for drilling and cleaning and pressure calibrators.

Viatran, USA

Viatran pressure sensors offer mV/V, voltage and 4-20 mA outputs along with a variety of electrical connections and pressure port fittings. Viatran pressure sensor product families include standard duty pressure transmitters, high accuracy pressure transducers, differential pressure transmitters, submersible pressure sensors, process pressure transmitters, sanitary pressure transducers, flush mount pressure sensors, severe duty pressure transmitters, and special duty pressure sensors.

Applied Measurement, UK

For over 25 years, Applied Measurements Ltd has been supplying top quality strain gauge sensors and instrumentation to all industries including aerospace, civil engineering, food & pharmaceutical, geotechnical, subsea and R&D.

Applied Measurements are ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certified by BSI under certificate number FS 677584 for the design, manufacture and distribution of transducers and measuring systems.

Rotating and static torque transducers and transmitters

Displacement sensors

Level and depth sensors

Load cells and force sensors

Pressure transducers and transmitters


YDSA miniature torque transducer
DBBSS/TSF force and torque sensor
CDF Subminiature button load cell
DSCC Compression load cell with amplifier 
Pi600DD Pressure transmitter with display
ElastiSense, Denmark

ElastiSence displacement sensors are precise yet mechanically flexible thanks to the utilized ground-breaking ‘active rubber’ sensor technology.

Unlike piston-based displacement sensors (LVDTs, Potentiometers, and Linear Encoders), these sensors can measure displacement while tolerating off-axis shear motion of a machine since the core sensing element is made of rubber and thus stretchable in all three dimensions.

EDS displacement sensor
Portable Test Kit
Portable Test Kit
Structural health monitoring
Structural health monitoring
Offroad vehicles control
Inline quality control
Inline quality control
VPG Transducers, UK

A broad range of Load Cells and Force Transducers (Brands: Tedea-Huntleigh, Celtron, Sensortronic, Vishay Nobel and Revere).

Dover Flexo Electronics (DFE), USA

DFE have a complete line of tension measurement, tension display and tension control products for a wide variety of industries worldwide.  DFE products are used in unwind, rewind, and intermediate applications for any moving continuous material which undergoes an operation such as printing, coating, laminating, treating, metallizing, rewinding, unwinding, slitting, coating or other processes.

The Model C Tension Transducer is a strain-gauge tension sensing device designed for versatility, accuracy, reliability, easy maintenance and quick trouble-free installation. It is the most technically advanced and robust shaft-mount tension transducer available. Load ratings from 10-800lbs (45-3560N).

The RFA Ribbon Filament Transducers are designed to measure tension in any moving ribbon, filament, or very narrow web. Ideal for wire, plastic, rubber, metal, glass, composite or other flexible substrate. Load Ratings from 10-150lbs (45-665N) with wide operating range.

The F series transducer is a heavy-duty, flat transducer designed to accurately measure web tension in machines having live-shaft idler rolls. The F transducer is available in a V (vertical) configuration for use when the applied force is roughly perpendicular to the top plate of the transducer. It is also available in an H (horizontal) configuration for use when the applied force is oriented more parallel to the transducer top plate. The F transducer is available in two sizes. Load ratings range to 1200 lbs (535 N in the size 2 and 5000 lbs. (22 kN) in the size 3.

The TA1 True Tension Amplifier is a compact, single-channel tension transducer interface. Quik-Cal push-button zero and calibration enables rapid startup.

TR Tension Roll® and STR® Segmented Tension Roll® are ready to install units. The STR® may have up to 10 separate measuring segments.

Typ F
Typ F Tension Transducer
Model C
Model C Tension Transducer
Model C
Model C in cable tension applicatiom
Xaloy, USA

Xaloy is an independent manufacturer of screws and barrels, also customized.

Nordson, USA

Nordson is a leading manufacturer of auxiliary equipment for extruders, such as screen changers and melt pumps including control systems.

Omega, USA

SEFE and SERP thermocouple probes for extruders. We stock the most popular models.

Omega has also a broad range of force, pressure and other process sensors.

LAUMAS Elettronica, Italy

LAUMAS designs, manufactures and markets components for industrial weighing. It provides a very wide range of load cells with specific mounting kits, transmitters and weight indicators that are used in the most diverse industrial sectors. Innovation and certified quality, a cost-effective price/performance ratio and short delivery time are essential characteristics of Laumas products.

Crane scale
Crane scale
Load cell with mounting kit
Load cell with mounting kit
Customized load cell
Customized load cell
Pavone Sistemi S.r.l., Italy

Pavone Systems solutions are applied in all industrial sectors: steel, metallurgy, paint, tanneries, cement factories, paper mills, glass, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, food processing and packaging industries. Priority is given to costumer needs: through the right questions you get the right solutions. Except for weighing applications you also found Pavone solutions nip force and web tension applications in paper and plastic machines.

DAT 400 transmitter
MCT indicator in stainless case
National Scale Technology Inc, USA

Customized load cells.

KS Engineering, Switzerland

Marketing/Sales is concentrated on two product lines: machine shut-off nozzles and sandwich technology. Both segments are quite niche products but fulfil excellent performance in the direction of productivity and quality improvement. Shut-off nozzles improve the injection moulding process; shorter setup time; less production downtime; controlled injection process. The sandwich technology allows getting high quality products by using a combination of virgin and recycled materials. That helps to save resources and keeps the material in circulation.

B15 shut-off nozzle
L-type shut-off nozzle
S-type shut-off nozzles
Sencorp, USA

Heat seeling for laboratories.

EMX industries, USA

EMX Industries specializes in high-performance optical sensors designed to perform at high speeds, with a fine resolution and extended detection range required in demanding applications.

We would be happy to assist you in your choice of equipment. Our experience stretches over more than fifty years.

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