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Scansolar Oy
Scansolar Oy is specialized in measurement technology (pressure, force, tension, torque, position, temperature) and their applications in industrial processes and laboratories. In addition, we have in our program instrumentation and accessories specially adapted for the plastics industry. Our experience in our field of work extends over 50 years. Our principals are among the leading suppliers.
Transducers, transmitters and instrumentation for measuring pressure, force, load, tension, position, torque and colour.
Melt pressure transducers and transmitters.
Instrumentation for indication and control of pressure and temperature.
Temperature sensors (thermocouple and resistance sensor PT100).
Screws and barrels for extruders and injection moulding.
Shut-off nozzles and needle valves for injection moulding.
Cleaning ovens for cleaning pressure transducers, breaker plates, nozzles and other tools.
Melt flow instruments (MFR, melt index), rheometers and other measurement equipment for laboratories and/or continuous monitoring of the process (on-line or off-line).
Load cells, scales and batching systems.
Level measurement.
Heat sealing equipment for laboratories.
Spare parts.
We also have spare parts for earlier shipped systems, either original or replacing ones. Manufactures or trade marks are for example: Asea transduktor, Beringer, BLH Electronics, Bofors Elektronik, Ero Electronic, Nobel Elektronik, Tedea-Huntleigh, Termo Nobel, Vishey Nobel.

Our main market area: Finland, Sweden, Norway and Estonia.

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